Welcome to my little tools page. I've written all these tools over the years and thought I might share them with you. As with all utilities, at the time of writing them, I had a need for such a tool. And either my Google Fu was too weak or I couldn't find an application out there that did (exactly) what I wanted. To spare you the hassle of reinventing the wheel yet another time, I herewith offer you to serve yourself from my toolbox and use what you find useful. Enjoy!

The applications provided here might be most useful for programmes and sysadmins. Not that there won't be other use cases, but given my profession and background, that's were all of it stems from.

The output of all tools is send to STDOUT, which be default is the console screen, but can be redirected to a file in order to save a tool's output for later inspection.

Virus scanner / Firewall alerts

I've recognized that some AV scanner/firewalls flag a few tools from this site as 'malicious', namely DeleteFilesOlderThan and RENToday. This isn't that much of a surprise, as both tools manipulate the file system and therefore of course have the potential of causing harm, if used wrongly. Other than that, I've not designed these tools to willingly cause any harm.

But do not take my word for it. I strongly encourage you to check executables from unknown sources with

The PowerBASIC source code of these tools can be found at GitHub.






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