What's new here?

10 March 2022

I added a new tool: Wait.

18 November 2021

DeleteFilesOlderThan: new parameter /la. Base file deletion on the file's LastAccessTime.

18 October 2021

DummyFile: reworked to allow the creation of larger files.

10 April 2021

DeleteFilesOlderThan: new parameter: /hc. Hide the application's window.

10 February 2021

DeleteFilesOlderThan: new parameter: /r. Delete readonly files.

10 February 2021

DeleteFilesOlderThan: code-only change, moved a method from the EXE to the general library.

25 November 2019

SortFilesByDate: bugfix - parameter /so wasn't validated correctly.

08 November 2019

DeleteFilesOlderThan: Echo error messages also to STDOUT so that they get captured, if STDOUT is redirected to a file.

25 October 2018

CheckDiskFree: fixed a formatting bug.

29 June 2018

DeleteFilesOlderThan: the new parameter /pp allows to set (lower) the process priority. DeleteFilesOlderThan now also supports environment variables, e.g. %UserProfile% as (part of) the command line parameters.

25 April 2018

RENToday: the parameter /p now supports the wildcard character '*'.

19 October 2017

DummyFile: I've rewritten how the command line parameters are passed and handled. There has also been a new parameter (/fe) added, which allows to specifiy the file extension to be used.

16 October 2017

DateEcho: A new parameter was added, which allows to specifiy a custom date format.

29 September 2017

DummyFile: Fixed a bug where very large file creation failed.

09 Juni 2017

DeleteFilesOlderThan: more strict parameter validation for parameter /t.

15 May 2017

I've updated all tools, because of a compiler glitch that erroneously manipulated the current console window's property menu. While I was at it, I also added application manifests to all.

04 April 2017

Here's a new tool: SortFilesByDate.

30 March 2017

A new version of DeleteFilesOlderThan, adding new parameter /rb.

14 February 2017

Added the Github repositories of CheckSize and UNCFromMappedDrive.

10 February 2017

Added the Github repository of DummyFile.

08 February 2017

Added the Github repositories of DateEcho, CheckDiskFree.

Also, here's a real world sample of how to glue these tools together.

30 January 2017

Another new version of DeleteFilesOlderThan, adding new parameters /fst and /fgt.

15 November 2016

New version of DeleteFilesOlderThan.

10 November 2016

RENToday has been added to the collection.

02 November 2016

Added the Github repository of DeleteFilesOlderThan.

15 April 2016

Yet another new version of DeleteFilesOlderThan. Fortunately it's not a bug fix this time. Instead the parameter /f has been expanded to accept multiple file specifications.

March 2016

Well, turns out the same as below was true for file names. DeleteFilesOlderThan has been fixed accordingly.

26 August 2015

I've uploaded a new version of DeleteFilesOlderThan, removing a bug where it didn't handle folder names with spaces right (those were ignored).

2nd January 2014

Well, Happy New Year everyone! I've expanded the collection with the informational UNCFromMappedDrive.

22th April 2013

DeleteFilesOlderThan deletes files older than a certain date.

25th September 2012

CheckSize added to the site's collection. It's a complementary tool to CheckDiskFree.

3rd September 2012

I've added the tool CheckDiskFree to the site's collection.

August 2012

I've put this tools page together and published some utilities that I've wrote for myself over the years. Nothing fancy or earthshaking. But if even just one person out there finds one of this tools usefull, my time spent on them makes double sense.





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