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My name is Knuth Konrad. I'm a programmer and (former) system administrator.

The idea for most tools found here where given birth at work, when we needed tool A to do job B. Sometimes research revealed that there are either no utilities available at all which would do what we're looking for. Or they're monstrously oversized (and quite often overpriced) and either still wouldn't do what we would expect or it would take ages to configure/set them up properly. That's when I sat down and wrote a "quick'n'dirty" specialized script/application to help us out, which does exactly solve the issue at hand.

Most of the times I later on noticed that the now solved task can be described in a more generic way. That's when I wrote the program from scratch at home, when I'm bored or looking for some intellectual challenge. Usually the new version also ends up at work as a replacement for the aforementioned horribly-hacked-together first version and everyone is happy.

As you can tell from this very plain and very simple web site, I lack artistic skills when it comes to "visuals". I've developed that disadvantage to an attitude. I like it plain, bare, simple (and rough :smile:).





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